Almost In Sight Of 1st Goal..

Current Weight – 127lbs

 Down to 127lbs and I am already finding it hard. The fact that I cannot purge when I eat something is hell for me, it’s like breathing. Extra exercise is really helping me shed the pounds though as I have started kickboxing/karate and it is fantastic. I do it for two hours, once a week at a club nearby. It kills but you do get to partner up with rather hot guys :P I’m doing quite well in sticking to the 300cal limit. I had a plain salad with a little bit of salad cream today, about 150cals. Hopefully, I won’t be eating anything else tonight and luckily the cravings to binge haven’t set in yet. However, it is early days :s 

 Feeling a bit low at the moment and I can sense a relapse working it’s way back. I do feel rather lost and feel like I’m losing touch on reality – madness sneaking its way back in –  and it really frightens me. I was going through an atlas and looked at a picture of the universe and our planet and I realised just how insignificant we all are. If I died, disappeared or lost my sanity entirely it would make no dent whatsoever to life as a whole. Nothing would change. It would just be another statistic.

 Anyway, apart from that ramble things are generally ok. Family think I’m fantastic and are utterly oblivious to anything going on as per usual. They love me to bits but are not perceptive in any shape or form. 

 But, that will do for now. I’ll probably post tomorrow, if not later tonight.

 Love to you all and remember… We Can Do This.


2 Responses to “Almost In Sight Of 1st Goal..”

  1. I’ve always wanted to do karate or kickboxing. Is it really good? And I know what you mean about bulimia becoming second nature as I’ve suffered from it for 8 years. You sound really intelligent from your writing and I hope you complete your goals, I’m sure you will!

  2. questforhotness Says:

    Just found your blog – I’m new to wordpress so might take me some time to work my way around the site… I would love to start kickboxing – I’m really too scared to exercise in public at the moment. I’m a whale. I want to get my life in control again. Thanks for the inspiration/motivation etc etc. Stay skinny.

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