A Little Late I Know…

  Current Weight – 120lbs

Sorry for not posting for a while, had a hell of a lot going on. A tad behind my goals I know but I’m getting there ever so slowly.  I haven’t been binging which I guess is pretty good but I have still been purging everyday which I soo wanted to stop. I just can’t. I need it untill I get complete control over how much I eat. I’m certainly eating less but not less enough. I’ve started dancing now aswell which is fantastic! So, now on tuesdays I have dance from 4 till 5 and then kickboxing/karate from 8 till 11 at night so it is definitely burning some serious calories and I try to practice everyday to keep up burning the fat from my still discusting body.

Had a party in my best friends grounds around her house on friday night and it was amaazing but I have to say I’m still recovering from it with a serious headache.  She has a gym room with a jacuzzi and so I put on a bikini for the first time in about 2 years. I hated every minute of it but then strangely later on that night, as I got out of the jacuzzi, a guy friend came up to me and said, “Jess, you’ve got an absolutely cracking body”. I did say thankyou and I’m pretty sure he meant it but I thought, ‘How on earth can anyone be so blind??!!’  It drove me insane for the rest of the night trying to work out if he really meant it or not. However, it does give me another incentive to keep losing weight. Oh shit, mum says she wants to have a chat ‘RIGHT NOW’ which doesn’t sound so good so I won’t write anymore right now but I’ll probably post later on today and I’ll let you know if I’m in serious errrm.. trouble, about something. Wish me luck!

Lots of love and I wish you all every bit of an incentive to do what you want to do.

P.s. If you need a film with seriously beautiful women with class, amazing figures and talent watch ‘Nine, The Musical’ dvd. I cannot get over Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz! Also, Daniel Day-Lewis is absolutely gorgeous!

2 Responses to “A Little Late I Know…”

  1. Scarlett Says:

    OMG I love the film ‘Nine’ too.. Daniel Day-Lewis is so sexy and Marion Cotillard is just beautiful.

    Well done for reaching 120lbs! Your blog is really inspiring and I look forward to reading your next post. Hope everything is ok with your mum :)

    Scarlett x

  2. Yeh, I totally agree with you and thanks for the support x

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