Can’t Sleep..

When I reached my 17th birthday I said to my mum, “I want to be 7 or 37, nothing inbetween”. To be a child with no worries and just an imagination to explore or to have everything in its place and be married with my chosen career and children. I hate this fragment inbetween, it is too hard and hurts too much.

2 Responses to “Can’t Sleep..”

  1. Oh god, that’d be so perfect. I know what you mean… finding your feet and making it up as you go along gets tiring and a bit sickening after a while.

    As for my password protected post – I have the small issue that my friends read that blog. As in my offline, real, actualy friends… who aren’t very big fans of anything pro-ana. My earlier posts about ABC totally pissed them off, so I’m just keeping a little record of my ABC progress there. It’s just numbers, nothing interesting, honest. =) I don’t password protect many – and for most that I do the password is dreamflyescape . =)

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