Calm After Storm.

   Ok, recovered from self loathing slightly. However, it is not because things have improved over the last couple of days. I have in fact purged between one and five times a day for the past couple of days. I haven’t binged but anything I have eaten, even if it has only been a yoghurt, I have not been able to keep down. Consequently, I have been far to scared to weigh myself although I will see if I can face the scales tomorrow.

Mania is escalating rapidly. I feel relatively sane right now but this morning was an entirely different story. I thought I was literally living in my imagination. God knows what people thought. Maybe I really have gone mad. Nevermind, I’m sure it will sort itself out eventually.

Love to you all,


“You wake up one morning and there it is, sitting in an old plaid bathrobe in your kitchen, unpleasant and unshaved. You look at it, heart sinking. Madness is a rotten guest.”
~ Marya Hornbacher

2 Responses to “Calm After Storm.”

  1. I have Bipolar too I have type 2 how about you? And I BINGED/PURGED yesterday and took my laxs all that work and for HALF A POUND off this FAT ASS!
    Love you

  2. Type 1 with rapid cycling. x

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