Oh, Ophelia..


Current Weight – 112lbs

I feel so empty, numb. I have finally crashed after the past weeks of mania. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. I have no interest in anything and two minutes manage to feel like two, long years. I’m hardly aware of what is going on around me and I feel that I could just walk out in front of a train with no extra thought or worries about it. Just to end this absolute nothingness, this complete despair which closes in around me.

Sorry for not writing over the past few days but I haven’t felt able to contruct a sentence together, I still can’t really. Hope all of you are happy and are doing well.

5 Responses to “Oh, Ophelia..”

  1. I feel this way too sometimes. It’s like you’re in a major fog and are just going through the required motions of life. Stay strong, girlie <3

  2. The NUMBING I’m been feeling ALMOST of July. Thee is NOTHING for me to numb out right now. Hang in there hun things will get better.

  3. This sounds like a really rough time love. We’re here if you need. xo

  4. Thankyou, same to you x

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