Weight Falling..

  Current Weight – 103lbs

My weight is dropping too rapidly. I never thought that I’d say it but it is. I feel seriously ill and it is making my depression much worse. I can’t think coherently, I forget what I’m trying to say as soon as I start etc.. physically, I am so lightheaded that I keep fainting.  My vision will just go and I won’t be able to see anything but black. It scares me so much when I am grappling along the floor trying to reach the kitchen so that I can eat a peice of bread so that my sight returns. Once that happens, I go straight to the bathroom and purge the bread. Why??!  What am I doing to myself?! How much is simply the depression and how much is my eating? Or, lack of it. 

 I apologise for the slow delivery, it has taken me approximately half an hour to write this and I do hope it makes sense. Sorry to just moan but there has to be some sort of outlet for me.

Please free me from this nightmare.

Loads of love,


5 Responses to “Weight Falling..”

  1. Hey Jess,
    I know what your going through. I’m 5’7 (atm) 105lbs (binged/purged purged through exercising). Yesterday I was 102, I get chest pains and get the light headiness and DON’T even get me starting on the depression part man that FUCKING sucks. Trying to listen to what people are saying I can’t do that right now. Like yesterday I had a appointment with my psych and within an hour I forgot what she told me.
    HUGS and LOVE

  2. Just reading this my heart breaks for you. I know the chest pains & you try to ignore it, but there’s that other part of wondering “is this it?”. It sucks. I do admit everytime I have a meal- I still have those thoughts– i could purge this, no one will know… but I keep telling myself that I’m crazy. It’s like fighting a battle against yourself, like you’re watching yourself go through the motions and your body is in control. I hope you start to feel healthier though. <3

  3. I know what you mean the whole light headedness and the feeling like crap. It makes no sense. But you can’t stop. I’m glad someones numbers are going down. Feel better.

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