Back For Good.

 Well, firstly I’d like to apologise for all the people I worried to death and for not replying to the people who messaged me. I had a bit of a relapse as I’m sure you were able to tell by my last post. I ended up in A&E and a relatively short stay, by comparison, in another psychiatric hospital. However, I am back to my old self and on the road to recovery again (not from the eating disorder I might add). I have new medication and more regular therapy and a crisis team just in case.

I’m back at college and thoroughly enjoying it.  My weight has dropped quite a bit as the stress caused little eating to happen. I’ll probably post weight stats tomorrow as I’m getting back into my regular posting again. Also, I’m sorry for not being able to keep up with everyone’s progress, but I can promise that I am now fully up to date with you all.

Love you all loads,

Jessica <3 

One Response to “Back For Good.”

  1. So pleased that your back. I was rather worried but it sounds like your doing really well though now. Keep going x

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