Overcoming Bulimia Online.

Current Weight – 90lbs

Haven’t posted in a week or so but I have been rather busy with college and therapy etc. Also, I have just begun my journey on a reasearch study on bulimia for the University of Glasgow. I came across it via the BEAT website and I have had an hours phone call from one of the researchers and had to complete lots of questionnaires, listened to mp3 files and watched specific videos. It is ongoing and you get continued support throughout the project as you have to complete certain stages at certain times and they can be quite difficult emotionally/psychologically. Even though it is early days, I would recommend doing it and seeing if you are eligible to complete the programme as it seems to be quite successful in battling bulimia and the thoughts associated with it. After 2 weeks of doing it I have been put into the immediate access group, which means that instead of waiting ten weeks for the online programme, support and packages I get access straight away.  But if any of you lovelies are struggling with bulimia or think you may have it, take a look at the BEAT website as there is a link to the study from there.

What else has been going on? Well, I’m in love. He is quite simply beautiful and I literally have a heart attack everytime I see him. He just messes up my mind so much. I end up saying the most stupid and nonsensical things when he is around me. How do guys do this? I wish I had that skill! Anyway, weight is going down ever so slowly and will hopefully reach my ultimate goal weight by christmas. I feel that it is infact possible now although, I always have this thought in the back of my mind “What will I do if it isn’t enough?”. Scary thought.

Nevermind, loads of love

Jessica xox

4 Responses to “Overcoming Bulimia Online.”

  1. I wanna be at your weight! That’s my UGW! Guys I don’t know how they do that but they just do. I’m not bulimic I’m anorexic. Same thing right? Same E.D.

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