So Much.

 I’m going to stay with a guy friend in cambridge on the 18th for a few days. I’m terrified. Whenever guys get close to me or say that they like me I always freak out and push them away even if I really like them back. Urghhh. It’s so irritating. I just automatically repel guys the minute they decide they are interested in something more which is often mutual but can I just be normal???!!! No. I say, “Go out with that other girl that fancies you, you’ll be much better together”. I don’t mean it but I say it regardless. I ruin the majority of chances that I get so often that I have decided to make an early new years resolution where I have to accept it if a guy likes me and give it every opportunity to work. I will do it. I will.


Jessica xox

4 Responses to “So Much.”

  1. I’m happy for you on that. My New years resolution is to beat my E.D (or at least) try to.

  2. GOOD LUCK!!! I used to have that problem… but guys don’t seem to like me anymore, so now I don’t. :(

    ps. I LOVE the picture from An Education. Awesome movie.

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