Current Weight – 89lbs!

Yes! I’m finally in the 80’s!! I’m really pleased with myself. :)

However, I keep waking up with bruises. I don’t get it? I wake up and I have big old bruises all over my hips and back. Why? I haven’t beaten myself up during the night and my mattress has 8cm memory foam in it so it isn’t because the mattress is too hard. Nevermind. The guy that I’m going to stay with on the 18th is soo lovely but I’m getting really bad jitters and am thinking about backing out even though I don’t want to. Thing is, when I stay with him in Cambridge I know what’s expected. If you know what I mean. I’m still really uncomfortable about people seeing my body and I’m terrified that he’ll look at me and think, ‘That’s discusting’. Nightmare.

Hope you’re all having a ball.

Love <3

2 Responses to “80’s”

  1. oh, wow! congrats!!! :)

    any tips?

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