Back <3

 Current Weight – 87lbs

Sorry for not posting in a while. I’ve just had so much going on with college etc. I’m afraid that I haven’t kept up with your blogs but I will be spending this week doing a catch up.

Anyway, 87lbs. I haven’t managed to meet my original deadlines but I am planning to work really hard from now to reach my ultimate goal weight. Also, the added stress of trying to get the right grades for med school should help in me in losing some weight. I was also thinking about putting some before and after shots up of me on here. What do you think?

So just a quick post but I will be posting regularly from now on.

Love, J


7 Responses to “Back <3”

  1. Thanks for you comment lovely. <3 I'm so glad you're back – I love reading your blog and always worry when you vanish like that!! Love you lots, hope everything's good – good luck with everything & esp. med school apps and exams and that. <3 <3

  2. Hey :)
    You’ll have to look at my blog first naw just kidding. Just a question I’m in NO way trying to be mean or anything, but how do you think you’ll make it through Med school with your ED? I know that sounded as if I were being rude/cruel. Check out my blog when you get a chance ok.

  3. if you dont mind me asking what height are you :) ? xxx

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