So, 18 years old in one weeks time. Scary? Hell yeah. I’ll officially be an adult and expected to be responsible and normal. Yeah right. I never actually thought that I would reach 18 so it is, in fact, quite an event. However, it is so damn scary as I know that I am entering adulthood with so much rubbish and such a messed up mind. How is that a good way to start? Will it all get worse?

My psychiatrist is setting up a meeting with the adult psychiatric services so as to transfer me over to them. I will, again, have to go through my life history with someone I don’t know. My current psychiatrist, my friend. I trust him so much and I don’t know how I’ll manage without him to be quite honest. He makes me laugh, he makes me angry, he picks me up when I collapse and we try again. I will miss him more than I dare to say.


Jessica x

3 Responses to “Adulthood.”

  1. Hey Hun,
    Hell I entered my adulthood, with a FUCKED up head and all so don’t feel bad. Who’s the friend?

  2. HI!
    if you enter my blog will not probably understand anything, because I write in portuguese. I did it this week, because I can not stand being fat.
    something in common?
    I am super discouraged and in need help, if you can post the diet that you do, and these kind of things, I would love it.

    About your psychiatrist: one time he was weird for you too. sometimes changes comes for the better. If your psychiatrist did not thought that you was ready for this new phase he would not let you go. Think positive.

  3. wantstobethin Says:

    Hi isnextdoor. I am also trying to loose weight. I was wondering if you want to be my partner? Its a lot easier if we do this together everyday.

    Email me at

    Hope to hear from you.


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