It’s Been A While <3

 Well, it’s been 3 months since my last post and I’ve decided that I really need to start writing regularly again. I miss it. This is my one outlet, and it works well.

Gosh, so, 3 months. I am now 18.. an adult. I have been passed over to adult mental health services and am still going through assessments at the moment. They keep saying that they think I might be bipolar. Yeaaahh. I already know that, the referral team already told them that. They haven’t mentioned my ed yet which is quite nice in a way. I get a break. However, food is still a nightmare, as is the weight, but I’ll talk about that next time. Errrm… I am still at college, muddling along but loving it all the same. So I guess all sorts of little events have happend since my last post but I won’t bore you with them.

I will write weekly from now on whilst attempting to monitor my weight on here at the same time and my next post should be more detailed and current.

Love always,

J x

P.s. Kryssy and Georgie.. contact me, let me know how you are :) xxxx

6 Responses to “It’s Been A While <3”

  1. babylookatthestars Says:

    I’ve just started rewriting mine too, it really helps. Keep being strong, I’m reading what you write, hope that’s a good incentive xox

  2. I just stumbled over your blog via Marya Hornbacher who I love to read very much because of the obvious connections and I have to say I very much like your writing…it so much reminds me of myself although I am much older….also you inspired me to write at my blog again, which I neglected for quite a while. I also suffer from eating disorder, depression, dissociative disorder and well….stupid list could go on, because no one is quite sure about a diagnosis……but I will visit your blog when I can….and what else? Well, feel understood….that´s the best I can give you…, Sarah

  3. Sheila Mariel Yamuta Says:

    Hi, my name is mariel.and i hate myself i used, to be really thin. But then after meeting this guy whom i really liked i decided to eat more. But he left me, the stupid jerk left me. And look where i am right now? So fat and so miserable. I want to loose weight. I’m 5’4″ and weighs 154 lbs. help i need to be back to 142lbs. But my dad would kill me if i go exercising, so i’ll just have to focus on what i put into my mouth.

    Wish me luck, i’ll be doing water fasting for 8 hours straight. and then another 10 hours until i’ll make it to the 24 hour mark.

    I love your blog, makes me strong. we still have control in our lives then..

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