6 Months Later…

 I’m such an awful blogger, six months and no posts. Whoops.

Well, I am determined to change that and begin blogging weekly again. I have also missed venting all the bizarre things that go on in my head so lucky you! You get to hear them! Ok then, what’s been happening in my life recently. I’ve gained 10lbs. Discusting I know. My parents have been fattening me up over christmas and now I am in some desperate need of motivation to get those 10lbs off and hopefully some more. So, I’m starting with a week of 300cals daily and at least and hours exercise. That should cause me to lose 7lbs this week. Motivation, motivation, motivation. I might have to read Marya Hornbacher’s book ‘Wasted’ again. I don’t know why but that always seems to help me restrict and be disciplined. Well, I’ll write in a weeks time and let you know how I got on.

Wish me luck!

J x

3 Responses to “6 Months Later…”

  1. Welcome back! :) Sorry you’re not feeling great, but it’s good to see you around!

  2. Good luck with your new plan beautiful! I’m so glad you’re back. I was beginning to think you’d never post again – quel horreur! I hope you manage to stick to your new diet plan, and to your new blogging plan too – I miss reading your blog.
    Georgie xoxo

  3. girl I can’t sleep. I am not even tired. I take a pres anti anxiet and cough med and I just lay here. It is like only food would make me sleep. AND I AM NOT HUNGRY! I had a ham and cheese sandwich from the gas station today. That was like 11 hrs ago and I have been up now for like 42 hrs now. I am not at all hungry. I just can’t sleep. Want do you do?

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