Hi guys,

So, things are going really well at the moment. My love life is good, my friends are good, my education is good and my weight is getting there. I lost 5lbs last week and am hoping to carry on losing weight this week. Eating one small meal a day and exercising every other day seems to be doing the trick. The bonus is it’s not all that extreme and it’s working really well. I don’t feel overly tired or anything on just the one meal and the exercise I love, as I’m sticking to tennis at the moment. I did four hours of tennis yesterday and feel great today all though I am aching a little. Tennis is also great for toning your whole body. You only have to look at the female tennis players to see what amazing figures they have!

Thankyou to everyone who has posted comments recently and I will be replying asap. Hope you are all doing well and being determined!


Jessica x


“We never repent of having eaten too little.”

– Thomas Jefferson

4 Responses to “Better..”

  1. I don’t know you but good to hear that you are doing well.

  2. Hi,
    So i just discovered your site. I wanted to share alil
    i was anerexic for 2 years, and ive been bulimic for 6.5 years. I want to get my ana back. I feel mortified intaking all that food when some one else can, im living with my father and his wife, and two kids. my father talked to me today about food. how i need to ask. because not everything is something i should eat. now that is embarrestting!!! icant believe he said that. i mean, i deserve alot worse, but its like a wake up call. no more eating. no more binging, and purge only if i have a reg meal…

    i need to start exercising too. i have a pool here, and a small gym which consists of a treadmeal, weights, one of those things that you sit in and pull the wieghts, weight bench, and crunch bench.

    any recomendations on what to start off with? how long and what exercises to do?

    i havent not ate for like 5 years. i eat everyday and i feel so sick. i think tomorrow i should fast just to get myself on the right track


  3. Hello! I’m just stopping by. Looking for other bloggers with similar interests and stumbled upon your blog. Things sound like they are going great :) <3 Jade

  4. Hey Jess! Hope you’re good still (I didn’t get a notification of this post and only just checked your blog on the off chance you’d written again – I’m glad you have!) I feel like I need to catch up on everything you’re doing – you don’t post very often anymore. :( Lots of loveee, don’t forget to keep in touch! xxxxx

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