Weight is such a horrible word to the eating disordered. If asked about or mentioned it can instill such a feeling of panic and fear which is entirely irrational to anyone but us. We immediately think, too much. That is the answer to the word weight. Without hesitating we instantly attribute it to mean our weight and what number came up on the scales that morning. What is it about our brains that make us think about weight and the look of our bodies in the way that we do? Were we just wired incorrectly, is there some rational part of our brain not entirely functioning? A lot of people say that we control our eating because we have lost control over some other aspect of our lives. However, why food and weight? Why would we not choose to control our academic career or simply creating a precise wake up routine for the morning?

So must there be something slightly different about us, whether it is a misfiring in the brain or a personality glitch? I don’t think so. I think it come down to choices. Yes we may be slightly more perfectionist than most but at the end of the day it is a lifestyle choice. Because it is how we want to live our lives as we are not happy with how are at this moment. So why the hell shouldn’t we be able to change ourselves in any way we please? If we should have any right, it should be the right to our own bodies. There is not a lot left in life that is truly ours, apart from our own mind, our body and our choices.

Jessica x

5 Responses to “Weight.”

  1. birdboy48 Says:

    Dear J,

    In contrast to our career and some of the other things you mentioned, weight is a thing that’s within our power alone to control. And we have a measurement in the form of numbers that let’s us know in no uncertain terms if we are “good enough” or not. The objective simplicity, and immediacy of our ability to check up on our “self”, and reassure ourselves (or not) at any time day or night is a big part of the fixation, I think.

    And yet I do believe that those numbers, and the direction we see them vary, serves as “code” for other emotional messages. Messages that deserve to be stated, heard, measured, dealt with and resolved in different and more sophisticated ways.

    After all, our “self” and how we judge it, is so much more complicated than some set of numbers on a scale.

  2. i used to be skinny, well “skinny” and now my weight has suddenly skyrocketed. i need to lose 60 pounds as quickly as possible. can you help me? tips? tricks? i get migraines and faint really easily when i don’t eat, are there any no/low-cal things i can drink and eat instead of real food? please help! i am panicked and too embarrassed to tell even the internet my weight. :(

  3. I also HAVE to say one thing :

    U guys should all re- think about the REASONS ‘WHY’ u hate your self the way it is. After all, the fact that MILLIONS of girls in the world are suffering from EDs is proof that ana and mia are no witchcraft.- It’s advertising, it’s capitalism, it’s lack of cultivation n education. So don’t let them roll u girls around, don’t let them make u feel like your not worth a penny. Because u actually worth EVERYTHING. I’m suffering from mia too but i’ve read about it, ive fought and im going to an amazing specialist now, as well. If u make up your minds to go to a specialist too you’ ll realise what its like to be in this WONDERFUL peace with ur bodies and selves. And what it’s like to FIGHT in a fair way for your happiness. YOURE WORTH HAPPINESS.

  4. Paula Maders Says:

    weight is my worst nightmare

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