The Goals

Goal Weight 1 – 125lbs (16th June)

Goal Weight 2 – 118lbs (1st July)

Goal Weight 3 – 112lbs (20th July)

Goal Weight 4 – 106lbs (30th July)

Goal Weight 5 – 98lbs (10th August)

Goal Weight 6 – 92lbs (10th November)

Goal Weight 7 – 88lbs (1st November)

Ultimate Goal Weight – 84lbs (30th December)

9 Responses to “The Goals”

  1. I should be on the same plan. I started at 125 lbs and am trying so hard to be 90lbs. What is your diet plan? It seems to be working well for you! :)

    xoxo~ K.

  2. wow, you’re doing so well. what do you eat?

  3. Madeleine Says:

    im 133 :( please tell me what you eat so i can eat the same

  4. im spanish and we have the diet of the rainbow too. !!!

  5. Wow! You’ve done well!
    I’m not doing so well :/ I’ve decided to do the Abc Diet (50days) and apparently you can lose up to 25-30lbs. I’m starting it today, if anyone wants to join me, feel free to email me

    I’m 21, 5’3 and 151lbs ( i know that’s a lot for my height)
    My goals are 140lbs-126lbs-112lbs and 100lbs (100lbs feels nice and balance) :)

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