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 So, 18 years old in one weeks time. Scary? Hell yeah. I’ll officially be an adult and expected to be responsible and normal. Yeah right. I never actually thought that I would reach 18 so it is, in fact, quite an event. However, it is so damn scary as I know that I am entering adulthood with so much rubbish and such a messed up mind. How is that a good way to start? Will it all get worse?

My psychiatrist is setting up a meeting with the adult psychiatric services so as to transfer me over to them. I will, again, have to go through my life history with someone I don’t know. My current psychiatrist, my friend. I trust him so much and I don’t know how I’ll manage without him to be quite honest. He makes me laugh, he makes me angry, he picks me up when I collapse and we try again. I will miss him more than I dare to say.


Jessica x