Yummy Secrets.



7 Responses to “Yummy Secrets.”

  1. Treasure Says:

    When you do eat.. what do you eat?
    I can go a while without eating.
    But there are those times that I do want to eat.
    But when I go to get something, I don’t know what to eat that wont make me fat.

    • If you really want to eat and can’t just snack on celery or cucumber etc, go for a meal that will really fill you up but has hardly any calories. Soup is amazing for this. Find a yummy low calorie one. Most are below 100cals anyway. I hope that helps x

  2. April Edwards Says:

    i’m trying to get back on track with my regiment and i’m really struggling because my family is watching me like a hawk! what can i do to make them think i’m eating when i’m really not? i need drastic ideas that will give me results FAST! any ideas?

  3. Hey, thanks for linking to my site! The URL has been updated to http://tpaf.us/yummysecrets/ now.

  4. Yea omg im in love with ur blog question do u know of any pills beside of lax that would help me stop eating i have kids so i usually do good but lstely cant get back on track

  5. Thanks

  6. shannon Says:

    Do you take any laxatives? And if so what kind?

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