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  Hi guys,

So, things are going really well at the moment. My love life is good, my friends are good, my education is good and my weight is getting there. I lost 5lbs last week and am hoping to carry on losing weight this week. Eating one small meal a day and exercising every other day seems to be doing the trick. The bonus is it’s not all that extreme and it’s working really well. I don’t feel overly tired or anything on just the one meal and the exercise I love, as I’m sticking to tennis at the moment. I did four hours of tennis yesterday and feel great today all though I am aching a little. Tennis is also great for toning your whole body. You only have to look at the female tennis players to see what amazing figures they have!

Thankyou to everyone who has posted comments recently and I will be replying asap. Hope you are all doing well and being determined!


Jessica x


“We never repent of having eaten too little.”

– Thomas Jefferson